Lennon’s Story P5

Lennon’s Story P5

December 16th

Cleethorpes Whites have bought a 12v ride on Hummer for Lennon on behalf of all the people who donated via them.

Lennon loved this and had a great Christmas and this helped take his mind off all what was happening to him.

Everyone at the Cleethorpes whites are very generous and we would like to say another big thank you to everyone who donated.

Lennon will have to come off some of his medication so he can try and build up some resistance to the viruses and he now has to take some steroids.

Lennon has really dehydrated and is on a drip to try and get some fluids in his body.

February 8th

Lennon is feeling a lot better and his medication is a little more balanced and he is recovering very well. Lennon was allowed home for a few days at Christmas.

Dr Vora examined Lennon and his bone marrow results came back at 100% match which is excellent news.

The next few months are the important ones and early indications are promising. Keep up your support for Lennon and hopefully we will see him at Elland Road very soon.

April 15th

Lennon has had great news for the hospital and his Doctor has said his bone marrow transplant is 100% compatible. Lennon goes to school for a couple of days after the Easter holidays and starts to mingle with other children.

Lennon has come a long way in such a short time and is an inspiration to us all

July 14th

Lennon is recovering well and has now started school. His family are hoping to get him to Leeds game this season once his doctor has given his permission. Once Lennon is better we will contact Leeds to arrange him being a mascot. He has had a scan and this showed more changes on his MRI.

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