Lennon’s Story P3

Lennon’s Story P3

18th September +8 Lennon just really fed up now and misses all his caring family back home.  His hair is thin but he hasn’t lost it all.  He’s not happy with the itching due to GVHD so they have given him a stronger cream again.  Dr Vora has told us we can go and stay at Pact House.  We are getting used to giving him all of his medicines now, we will need to know this for when we go home.

19th to 23rd September We are still at pact house, going for our daily appointments at the hospital.  Dr Vora is very happy with him and said we can go home as the GVHD has cleared up with steriod cream now.

24th september We are going home today. We just can’t believe it. Lennons so excited.

Lennons been an inspiration to his Mummy & Daddy, brother, sisters and all of his family.  He dealt with each day as it came and always had a smile on his face.  He kept us all going through this massive ordeal.

We had lots of help from all our family and we were visited at the hospital all the time by them.

Big Thanks to Dr Vora and Staff , Dr Sharrard, all the amazing nurses and staff at Sheffield Childrens Hospital on ward M3, Beryl at (Pact house) Liz and Clic Sargent.

We met some wonderful people while we were on ward M3, especially Fionas family who were in the isolation room next to us.  They were so friendly and such a close knit family like our family. Its just nice to speak to families with ther own circumstances and know your not alone.

Lennon’s dad and the whole family are Leeds fans, the Grimsby supporters club have been very supportive with the family and have launched an appeal to raise money for Lennon to be a mascot when he is out of isolation.  They have posted a video on You tube which we have linked to below.

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