Lennon’s Story

Lennon’s Story

After Lennon’s last brain scan in April 2008 they noticed some brain changes.

On August the 27th Lennon had his scan today we  stopped at Pact House over night Lennon came round from the anethetic fine but was not happy with us, so he put his blanket over his head! This scan was a pre-transplant scan.

August 28th Lennon had his broviac line put in today and had a Bone Marrow test.  He was very washed out afterwards and apparently can bleed a bit after line is put in chest.

August 31st Lennon had all his hair cut off today.  He has always had long hair, so it was abit of a shock but that was the least of our worrys.

1st September Lennon had 5 hydrocortisone tablets at 8pm ready for chemotheraphy; Tomorrow at 2am we have to wake lennon up so we can give him 1 hydrocortisone tablet.

2nd September Arrived at hospital and Lennon had to have a needle, he hated it because they couldn’t find a vain, so it took ages but from now on he will have blood took out of his line in his chest.  He also had a liver test and heart and lung test to make sure everything is ok before transplant.  At 8-am chemotheraphy was given for 2hrs then he was given a sleepy drug.  The next chemotheraphy was then given and the reaction he got was a temperature, to combat that he was given a large dose of calpol.  He had a really good nights sleep and was given hydrocortisone at 2am.

3rd September Lennon woke up fine, had a wash and had some beans on toast and played on his PS2.  He is on his second day of chemotheraphy.  He is on a drug called Fenigan now.  He hasn’t had a temperature and seems to have woke up better after a long sleep.  For dinner he had potato gammon and beans and a rice crispy bar.  Around 6pm lennon felt shaky and has spots all over his face which is a reaction from his chemotheraphy, so he had a certain medicine and that made him alot better.

4th September Lennon woke up fine, his first lot of chemotheraphy today was ok the second bag has given him a reaction, same as yesterday spotty face and feeling hot.  He had hydrocortisone and fenigan and he fell straight to sleep.  He got a pirate of the caribbean crayon box from the lady who runs the play room.  He is so well looked after here, it makes us feel so safe.  Still got a long way to go though yet.

5th September Lennon woke up at 6am and he was so happy, like always.  He has no rash this morning.  For breakfast he’s had beans, sausage and toast, he ate it all.  Lennon is hooked up to hydration and is going to have his next dose of chemotheraphy in 1 hour and 10mins.  He didn’t get any sickness.  He pooed quite a bit today, he is back in nappies because of the hydration and he wees alot.  He went for a chest x-ray today because we think the fenigan messed about with his breathing while he was asleep.  Breathing has gone back to normal now Dr Vora checked him over and he said his chest is fine he had a good nights sleep.

6th September Lennon is still on hydration today, he woke up really happy, had a bath and hairwash.   He had a big breakfast again, he loves his food and he is on an hours chemotheraphy.  He is having a really good day today.  He hasn’t felt sick yet and he is so happy.  He had to take something to help him wee more, as he isn’t weeing as much as he should be.  This drug he takes for it is so good, as soon as he takes it he wees loads straight away.  GOOD DAY.

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