Joe’s Cousins

Joe’s Cousins


Gemma had very special bond with Joe, he adored her and she always made him feel happy and never different from anyone else. Even when he couldn’t walk properly or communicate, she would take his hand and guide him round. He would touch her face and always smile and giggle, she misses him terribly but always talks about him so that keeps him here with us all.

Gemma did a school project in R.E. about Joe, we have uploaded this to the website so you all read it.   Please select Gemmas Story from the left hand side or click on her picture to read it.


Reece loved to play with Joe and make him laugh; he also would guide him and was always so kind. He was diagnosed with this awful disease just after Joe, but luckily it hadn’t progressed as much and he had his transplant a few weeks after we lost Joe. This must have been such a scary time for him but he stayed so positive and brave throughout everything, he always talks about Joe as if he is here still and he said if it wasn’t for Joe he wouldn’t be here today which makes me so proud.


Hannah was only three when Joe passed away but I always tell her how much he loved her and mothered her. He would follow her about and always be very gentle. She always talks about him and remembers him which makes me so happy. Hannah was so brave to give Reece her Bone Marrow; she also was so positive and happy throughout.


Lennon never got to meet Joe but we always show him pictures and when we say where is Joe he points to the sky and says his name. He is so brave and happy, he was diagnosed with ALD when he was born and started on Lorenzo’s oil and hydrocortisone when he was around two as his adrenal glands failed.

Unfortunately he has showed some signs of brain changes and has been for a bone marrow transplant.  We have all got our fingers and toes crossed that this is successful and the ALD goes into remission.  We have created a page for Lennon which can be accessed from clicking on his picture above or selecting it from the menu on the side.