Gemma’s Story P3

Gemma’s Story P3

What he did at School?

He was only at school for 3 years but he loved school.

Whilst me and him was at school, I always looked after him, when someone was picking on him and when he didn’t have no one to play with.

When he started going blind he used to bump into walls and lampposts.

He got a blue slip for knocking some one over, it wasn’t his fault!

Eventually he couldn’t go to school anymore.

While he was in hospital



He had to have cheomtherapy at the start of the treatment, he went bald.

He had fitted in wigglys in his chest, which the chemo goes through.

Then he had a bone marrow transplant, which you get a donor from someone in the world and the doctors put there blood through his wigglys.

It worked but he was far too gone.

You get really tired and weak.  You sometime can feel sick

He was in isolation (nobody aloud in) for about 2 weeks.

He was in hospital for 11 weeks.

When he had died, I gave him a cuddle and sat next to him.

He looked so peaceful and well.

Thanks For Reading My Story

Gemma Mumby

Age 12

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