Gemma’s Story P2

Gemma’s Story P2

What Happened to him?

Unfortunately on the 17th August at 8:25 at night he passed away, aged 6 years old.  My auntie Elle said it was so peaceful when he took his last breath.

We didn’t want him to go through what he had gone through anymore.  He lost his hearing, his sight and couldn’t eventually walk at the end of his life.

Before he passed away he came home for a couple of days to spend some of his last days with the family and of course his mum.

Whilst he had the disease, I was the only one who could make him laugh and entertain him.

He would touch me and then he knew it was me.

All About Him

Joe loved batman and spiderman.  He had every James Bond film there was.  Before he died and was diagnosed he watched the last Pierce Brosman, James Bond film

He never went on consoles.  My Auntie bought him a Playstation One but he never went on it.

All he played with was action figures and watched films.

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